1. To set up a Special Award aiming to enhance and strengthen the cultural exchange on animation and comic between different institutions from home and abroad; 

2. To call for overseas publishers, organizers of animation and comic festivals, art museums or other institutions to entitle this special award, build in-depth cooperation through this award and promote the reputation and influence of brands mutually through this award;

3. To invite foreign professionals and scholars to be the honorable judges, strengthening the acceptance of the awards by the peers. 

Special Overseas Award

Targeted invitation 

We intend to invite famous artists from overseas to be the judges of Golden Dragon Award or the invited guests of the comic festival. The artists will take part in a series of activities of the China International Comics Festival and have the firsthand experience of the unique animation and comic culture in China. 

Open collection 

China Animation & Comic Competition Golden Dragon Award is now open to collect drafts and entries globally. We not only welcome organizations to publicize the events and collect manuscripts, but also appreciate any submissions from organizations and independent authors.

The China International Comics Festival - Animation and Games Exhibition, one of the biggest animation and comic exhibitions in China, welcome not only anime fans to take part in and experience the unique culture of Chinese animation and comic on site but also various institutions and companies to register and join the exhibition. 

Exhibition promotion and booth register