1. No application of participation fees is charged for this activity.

2. Nomination list will be released after the second-round review, and winners will be announced at the award ceremony which is planned to be held on September 28th. Nominees are required to present at the award ceremony. 

1. he entered work must be original and the individual or corporate contestant should have the sole copyright. If it’s proved to be true after investigating the objection against the work raised by a third party, the organizer shall have the right to cancel its qualification for the prize, and the applicant should solely bear full responsibility for breaching the copyright laws.   

2. The copyright of the entered work is in the applicant’s possession and the committee has the right to use it in the following circumstances (without extra notice and paying remunerations):

    a. The entered work and its materials are used for competition promotion;

    b. The entered work and its materials are used for releasing in media, homepage and mobile end.

    c. The entered work and its materials are used for award ceremony;

    d. The entered work and its materials are used for the event’s exhibitions (including itinerant exhibitions).

3. The entered work can be submitted by the organizing committee to apply for related competitions or awards. 

Click in from the official register access and fill in the application form for the 21th China Animation & Comic Competition Golden Dragon Award, uploading to the cloud storage with the file named in “entry name + author’s name”. The cloud storage permanent shared link should be filled in the form correspondingly. 


The CACC Golden Dragon Award is the official competition of China International Comics Festival, which is one of the major projects of the cultural development reform plan. The Golden Dragon Award is regarded as the most authoritative and influential award in China, which also enjoys the longest history. The slogan of the competition is “Showing original works, finding new creators, rewarding innovative spirits, and contributing to the industry”. Supported by famous animation & comic institutions both domestic and overseas, the Golden Dragon Award widely collects entries from global creators. With professional selection and business operation, outstanding creators and works will be discovered by the competition. Since the first one held in 2004, the award has achieved remarkable results by exporting new creators and works overseas. It has inspired the creation of animation & comic in Chinese-speaking areas, widely praised by the media and even mentioned as the “Academy Award for Chinese Animation & Comic”.