The 1st CICF (CHINA INTERNATIONAL COMICS FESTIVAL) was celebrated in Guangzhou in the autumn of 2008 and opened a new mileage of China’s original cartoon career. Under the direct care and leadership of SAPPRFT and Guangzhou Municipal Government and the concerted effort of Chinese cartoon practitioners, after a decade of dedication and diligence, the forward-looking CICF has successfully moved with the time and grown into the domestic-largest international cartoon event with broad influence and reputation at home and abroad, and has witnessed and recorded the glory and pride of China’s cartoon industry.


  Always based on socialistic core values, the 10-year festival takes it upon itself to carry forward China’s cartoon industry, gaining strength and dedicating itself to leading China’s cartoon style as a courageous trendsetter. All these events, including the SAPPRFT’s release of “Original Power” Chinese Comic & Animation Support Program, Chinese Cartoonist Conference, China Trade Fair of Cartoon Copyright, China High-end Forum of Comic and Animation, CICF Theme Exhibition, CICF around You, COSPLAY National Super Tournament, CICF expo in Cartoon Festival and Chinese comic and animation’s highest award CACC Golden Dragon Award, have added an impressive stroke to the history of Chinese cartoon. A decade-long quest has witnessed the emergence of generations of talents; a thousand shining stars and hundreds of animation works have been born and served as the pillar of Chinese cartoon.

  With “spreading culture out to the world” on its shoulders, CICF has been ceaselessly helping Chinese cartoon creators with their works go to the international stage and secure a seat in the mainstream cartoon hall. During the 10 years, the festival has established exchange and cooperation channels with nearly 70 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. This has given it the opportunity to both show the magnificence of China’s cartoon industry and admire more closely the cartoon masters and excellent works worldwide, marking the full-scale opening of a Maritime Silk Road of carton to the world.

  Since its birth, CICF has attracted thousands of domestic and foreign famous cartoon enterprises and authorities and exhibited over 100,000 cartoon books and cartoon related products. More than 5,000 masters at home and abroad have shown up to provide their advice, with over 5 million audience admissions, brokering transactions or potential deals worth more than 100 billion yuan and bringing in remarkable social-economic benefits.


  Carrying Chinese comic and animation practitioners’ mission and dream in its heart, CICF is stepping into a new era of leaping development, committed to carrying on Chinese cultural vein, responding to the concern of the time, consolidating and developing the glamor of Chinese cartoon that is expected to impress the society and the world. CICF will always act as the practitioner and promoter of cultural self-consciousness and confidence.



Decade-long CICF, decade-long glory

—— A tribute to CICF